1. Initial Meeting

    We start by asking a lot of questions about your business and where you are headed to get to the heart of your goals. We want to make sure we understand your ideal customer and how to best deliver your product or server. Don’t hold back. This meeting sets the stage for everything we do together to make your project a success.

  2. Content

    During this stage, we will ask for your content, logos, pictures, products and services. This is crucial to for us to create a design. If you are starting from scratch we can help with that too.

  3. Design

    The fun begins during this stage because we get to play with your photos, content, and our digital art-board to bring your content to life. We work on every detail we've talked about, and remain in close contact as we design. During this stage, you will show you the home page and inner page design for your new website.

  4. Development

    This is when everything starts coming together. We take the design, your content and build a fully functional website that works on computers, tablets and smart phones. We do this on a test server so that you can watch it all happen. Then we put your site through our 39 point check and test and retest to make sure everything works perfectly.

  5. Launch. Go Live.

    If you build it, they will come. Unfortunately no. Just like opening a brick and mortar, you need to let everyone hear about you. We will help you create a plan to get the right people to your site and convert them to customers.