Our Work



The Brief

Reel Fast Tackle want to move from a GoDaddy website to a new content management system that allowed them to manage their own content and grow as a business. The new website must be a responsive website that will work with any device.

Our Approach

Since Reel Fast Tackle was using a design that was outdated and didn't serve the needs of their business. We made discussed their business and where they wanted to be today and in the future using our website discovery. During this phase we determined Reel Fast Tackle also needs integration with a credit card processor, PayPal and shipping rate calculator.

The Results

The new website design allows Reel Fast Tackle the ability to manage products and orders quickly and easily reducing customer service calls. Payments are immediately transferred to their account without waiting anymore and shipping rates are calculated so the customer pays the exact amount saving both Reel Fast Tackle and the customer time and money.



All Outdoor Designs is really fun to work with! Aside from their rigorous team working hard to make me happy, I truly feel like a full-fledged fishing guide now! My website never failed to amaze my clients, and the design is top-tier! Highly recommended, and I would not stop telling my story to others! ~ Robinson Batman, 54, NY